shaving-legsThese days there are many options to hair removal. It`s not just about the razor anymore. Different hair removal methods work better on different areas and skin tones. Find out when -- and what -- to shave, wax, laser, tweeze and zap.
Hair Removal Method: Shaving
Shaving is the simplest, the fastest and the cheapest way to remove hair. Shaving first became popular during World War II when nylon stockings were in short supply and bare legs became a trend that has yet to cease.
The pain factor Shaving is usually pain-free, but it can be painful if you nick yourself. Always using a sharp blade and shaving cream, lotion or oil. My favorite shaving cream is Kiehl`s Close Shavers. Buy it online.
What parts should you shave? Shaving works best on legs and underarms. While some women still shave the bikini area, I highly recommend waxing the bikini line. Never shave your chin, upper lip or brows.
Because shaving cuts the hair off at the skin`s surface, stubble develops quickly, usually in one to 3 days.
Get tips on the best way to shave, how to avoid nicks and more: Top 10 shaving tips
Hair Removal Method: Waxing
Waxing is the application of a sticky substance to skin. The resin binds hair to a strip of cloth, which is yanked off (usually in the opposite direction of hair growth). Some thick waxes are applied and then peeled off (best for bikini waxing). In either case, hair is removed from the roots and will eventually grow back.
Waxing works on all body areas, from the legs, to the bikini to the face.
Sugaring, an alternative to wax, is made up of a mixture of lemon juice, sugar and water. The advantage of sugaring versus traditional waxing is the clean up. The mixture comes off with water.
The pain factor The pain factor with waxing and sugaring is high. But the first time hurts the most. Hair grows in thinner. (We swear.) So after a couple times it hurts a bit less.